community guidelines

community guidelines @ tributary projects, act (2019)

‘Community Guidelines’ explores the possibility of community asking if there can be a collective that is truly communal. The idea of a true community requires a declaration and/or registration of membership as well as the upkeep of communal pattern. This automatically creates a paradigm one can identify those who are not desirable and/or are in breach of the community’s terms.

The exhibition space was partitioned off separating audience members on either side of the barrier positioning them ‘within community’ and ‘outside of community’. Those ‘outside of community’ encountered a set of repetitive and obnoxiously arranged community guidelines.

The partitions were dismantled and used as tables for a beginners synthesizer workshop facilitated by myself and rory stenning.


This project was assisted by a grant from Create NSW, an agency of the New South Wales Government. The NSW Artists’ Grant is administered by the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA).