double vision

Organiser, Double Vision (2015-)

Double Vision is a series of free-form gigs showcasing the practice of local, interstate and international DIY, experimental, sound artists and “other” musicians. The program seeks to a create platform that encourages collaboration between artists and musicians – and their communities, providing the opportunity to re-frame and re-calibrate creative vision through a cross disciplinary approach.

Bright Ideas Grant, University of Sydney Student Union, 2016.
Arts & Cultural Project Fund, Create NSW, 2018.

Moonmilk x Red Belly Black Snake split CS [PDR-035, DV-001], 2016.

Past Performances:
Red Rattler Theatre, Marrickville, 2018.
Papaphilia (Melb), Nasho, Nina Buchanan (Melb), DJ Yoni, DJ Daryl Prondoso.

Verge Gallery, Sydney, 2018.
Karli White (Melb), LA Suffocated, Andrew McLellan.

Red Rattler Theatre, Marrickville, 2017.
Nicola Morton, Compound (Melb), Simon J. Karis (Melb), Skyline, Clare Cooper.

Verge Gallery, Sydney, 2017.
Jessica Ekomane (Berlin), Silje Nes (Berlin), Jasmine Guffond, Scumwitch (Melb), Wet Kiss (Melb), Jefferson Mayday Mayday.

107 Projects, Redfern, 2016.
ft. M.O.B, Glam Cyborg (Melb/Adl), Wet Dream (Cbr), WDK.

Verge Gallery, Sydney, 2016.
ft. Islaja (Finland), Jasmine Guffond (Berlin), Love Chants, Ela Stiles, Perfume (Melb), Gary Warner, Phone, Matthew P. Hopkins (Melb), Nicola Morton, Ghost Hobo, Collector (Newc), Papaphilia (Melb), LA Suffocated, Rebel Yell (Bris), Matthew Brown, Kneeling Knave (Melb), Pia Van Gelder, Chris Caines & Jon Drummond.

Verge Gallery, Sydney, 2015.
ft. Ill Winds, xNOBBQx, Jithin Chand, Clocks & Clouds, Secret Birds (Bris), WDK, Knitted Abyss, James Brown, Z.O. & Laurence Williams, T.Morimoto, Sex Tourists, Skyline.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2015.
ft. Orion, Table, Heat Haze, Club Sound Witches, Jannah Quill, Horse Macgyver (Melb), Jon Hunter, Moth, Seating Plan, The Friendsters, Superstar (Melb), Moonmilk, Angie, Ela Stiles, Vacuum (Melb), M.O.B, Resort, Enderie Nuatal.

photo: papaphilia, 2018 @ the red rattler theatre, sydney. taken by megan hanson.