a1780507969_10Call Compatible remix. Wet Kiss – ‘Rosehip re-(Remix)’, 2019.



Del Lumanta ‘Preparations’ cassette. Released by A Guide To Saints, 2019.

a1913394157_10Basic Human ‘Adult Baby’ 7″. Released by Meatspin Records, 2019.

‘Exit The Public Life’ mix for Spirit Theatre, 2019.

maxCall Compatible + Enderie ‘Valued Mutuals’ split cassette. Released by Meatspin Records, 2019.

a1806081221_10 (1)
Call Compatible ‘Borborygmus’ featured on Aussy Bangers Compilation. Released by Good Samaritron, 2019.

a0029630073_10 (1)
Steam Vent – ‘Take It Easy’ cassette LP longform bedroom guitar dirge released by Chemical Imbalance, 2019.

Mix for Down Low Disco on 2ser Radio, 2018.gas_coverfix
GAS – ‘Ebb of Image’ cassette. Released by Tenth Court, 2018.

LE015_SteamVent_Swells_Cover (1) (1)
Steam Vent – ‘* Swells’ an exploration of longform composition using synthetic guitars. Released by Longform Editions, 2018.


sound for Leila el Rayes and Justine Youssef, (Video still) Burying that which Binds into the Chest of my Beloved, 2018. exhibited in ‘the waves’ @ sullivan + strumpf, sydney.

nice music mix 006, 2018. listen here.

bhenji ra x del lumanta x daryl prondoso @ precog, 2018.

video ezy badge, 2017. exhibited as part of double a-side @ darren knight gallery.

Diaspora Labyrinth mix for Ears Have Ears on FBI Radio, 2017.

video ezy + wdk split cassette. released by paradise daily records, 2017.

replicant for video ezy, video synth, 2016.

Against a degree of blindness-7092untitled
untitled 1 & 2, screen print on paper, steel stand, 2015. exhibited in against a degree of blindness @ mop projects, sydney.


video ezy S/T cassette. released by paradise daily records, 2015.

, 2015. screen print on paper. exhibited as part of feminist ecologies @ verge gallery.

unused canvas design, 2015.
double vision logo design, 2015.

photo (1)
untitled, studio experiment, 2015.